German car manufacturing giant Volkswagen (VW) has launched an NFT concept where users can build their own virtual garage using NFT collectible cards based on VW cars from different eras.

To inaugurate its Digital Garage concept, the car manufacturer released two collections called the ‘GT Collection’ and the ‘Pen & Paper’ collection, which were available through ‘Hero,’ ‘Premium,’ and ‘Legendary’ packs (with each having a different level of rarity).

As you’d expect, the ‘GT Collection’ line consisted of GT, GTS and GTI models that make up the 23 card options available, including specific versions of models such as the VW Golf, Polo and Virtus.

Alternatively, the Pen & Paper collection was comprised of 45 items. This collection incorporates established models of the brand, such as the Santana, Kombi, Brasília, up!, Beetle, and more. As the collection’s name suggests, such cards inherited a basic, hand drawn aesthetic, coming straight from the VW design team in Brazil.