On April 24th, The Sandbox purchased two Moonbirds, including edition #2642, for 350 ETH, the highest transaction price ever paid for any NFT from the Moonbirds collection. In addition to Edition #2642, the Sandbox also purchased Moonbirds Edition #9619 for 64.9 ETH on that same day for a combined value of more than 1.2 million dollars.

The Sandbox Team announced that they would be showcasing their Moonbirds NFTs alongside the 500+ other NFTs they hold on their open Sandbox Game Metaverse, which will bring additional utility for holders of those collections. The Sandbox Team’s NFT collection currently holds many blue-chip NFTs, including 31 BAYC NFTs, 35 BAKC NFTs, 9 Clone-X NFTs, 2 Moonbirds NFTs and many others at the time of writing.