The Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami saw Strike CEO Jack Mallers announce an array of high profile partnerships for Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.

Perhaps the most exciting announcement was with regards to the partnership with e-commerce giant Shopify. According to a press release, the partnership will “diversify their (Shopify’s) existing payment options and reach untapped global markets and purchasing power” by allowing its merchants to generate savings through low-cost payment processing.

In addition, Mallers also announced that Strike had partnered with NCR - the world’s largest point of sale supplier - as well as payment company Blackhawk, and crypto-trading hub Robinhood Markets.

All in all, the premise of Maller’s announcement focussed on the stagnant payments processing industry. He explained that through such newly formed partnerships, the industry can be improved by bringing Bitcoin back to its payment roots with an innovative and superior network. From here, Mallers hopes that such payment methods can then make headways into mainstream adoption.