Fashion, feminism, and NFTs are colliding as decentralized digital fashion house ‘The Fabricant’ have partnered with World of Women (WoW) NFT.

In addition to its ambition to onboard more women into Web3, the partnership will see the airdropping of 27 ‘The Fabricant’ designed garments to all WoW NFT holders, which can then be used when the WoW community are invited to ‘The Fabricant’ studio to creatively customise their 1/1 NFT on May 23rd (with access lasting 1 week).

At the studio, ‘co-created,’ restyled WoW NFTs will be rendered, which can then be traded or worn in the metaverse, with both parties splitting the royalties of any trade.

Beyond its explicit NFT elements, the partnership will also entail an array of other events, starting with a fashion party hosted in Decentraland at the end of June, followed by an IRL event at NFT NYC. In the lead up to the WoW community’s entrance into ‘The Fabricant’ studio in May, there will also be the hosting of a Twitch stream and a Twitter Space, as well as the drop of the ‘Pink Crypto Purse’ NFT collection.

Although the community of the blue chip WoW collection is already well known for its celebration of representation, inclusivity and equal opportunities, this high-profile team-up with ‘The Fabricant’ helps bolster its journey towards near-enough monopoly status when it comes to female empowerment within the mainstream Web3 space.